ZYCOO IP Audio Solution is an all-in-one IP audio communication system mainly based on SIP, media streaming and MQTT IoT technology. ZyCoo Audio Solution provides public address, intercom, IP telephony plus IP audio communication features. SIP is the protocol used and compatible with IP PBXs and softphones to register IP audio endpoints, in addition to traditional analog audio systems, SIP paging, intercom calls, calls IP telephony, etc., while streaming media is used for background music, scheduled play, emergency alert broadcast, autoplay, etc. Finally, IP audio endpoints use MQTT technology for centralized management.
The entire solution architecture is based on a combination of software and hardware components. Software components include IP Audio Center, IP Audio Control Panel, IP Audio Coordination Application. Network loudspeakers, SIP-enabled secure intercoms, SIP paging gateways, and IP phones are all hardware-based. Below is a diagram detailing the basic architecture of an IP Audio Solution.
The IP audio solution can be deployed on both the intranet and the internet. IP Audio Center is a software solution that can be deployed on hardware-based servers or virtual private servers in the cloud. IP Audio Dispatch Console is a software application that is installed on a personal computer. The IP Audio Dispatch app supports both Android and iPhone devices. Network speakers, intercoms, and IP phones can all be installed on your existing IP network. In a nutshell, the entire infrastructure is designed to work over a standard IP Network without the need for additional dedicated equipment or wiring.
IP Sound Center
- ZYCOO IP Audio Center is the engine of ZYCOO IP Audio Solution. This is a software solution that can be installed on dedicated hardware or a cloud-based server.
- IP Audio Center manages all IP audio endpoints, including network speakers, intercoms, IP phones, SIP paging gateways, and more. Paging groups (zones), paging schedules, intercom calls, meetings, music/audio files are also managed by the Sound Center IP.
- To simplify distributed control and management, IP Audio Center provides integration with ZYCOO IP Audio Console and IP Audio Coordination App for users to manage paging groups (zones). ) varies with different IP audio applications.
Features, equipment with IP ZYCOO
- IP Audio Control Panel
- IP audio sending application
- Network speaker
- SIP Paging Gateway
- SIP phone
Advantages of ZYCOO . IP audio solution
- Ease of deployment and maintenance
- Outstanding sound quality
- Powerful feature
- ZYCOO IP Audio Solution is an all-in-one solution that provides you with a complete IP public address system, IP intercom system, plus IP phone system and more. You benefit from a full suite of music, tones, announcements, public addresses, voice and video intercom calls, IP telephony, plus other extremely useful IP audio communication features.
- Our solution can be deployed directly into your existing IP network and for large enterprises and organizations, ZYCOO IP Audio Solution can also support multipoint application scenarios. Our flexible and easy-to-use orchestration applications allow users to access all available IP audio features without expertise or specialized training.
The ZYCOO IP audio solution is feature-rich, flexible in deployment and configuration, and very simple and easy to use. A perfect solution for use in public safety, smart city, community security, industry, transportation, healthcare and many more.
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