Zycoo Phone Systems

Virtual telephone exchange is increasingly developed by the benefits that it brings to individual customers and businesses. There are many different types of virtual switchboard on the market, in which Zycoo IP PBX is one of the switchboards that are trusted by consumers.

Why is Zycoo considered as an IP PBX solution for businesses? Let's learn the basics of Zycoo switchboard through the article below.

What is Zycoo Switchboard?
Zycoo PBX is a flexible IP phone system capable of using GSM module to connect to mobile networks for devices. Zycoo is well known in the market as a safe and reliable solution, so it is always considered as the choice for businesses to use this service.

In addition, the reason why businesses choose Zycoo PBX is reasonable cost, good compatibility, high scalability and good security. In addition, it also provides special features that not all traditional telephone exchanges can offer.

Advantages of Zycoo PBX
Zycoo PBX has many advantages that make businesses trust and use their products. We can find out their advantages through the information below.

Cost savings
For businesses, the goal of maximizing profits and saving investment costs is always one of the goals or problems that businesses always focus on. Therefore, with the benefits of saving and cutting costs, many companies and businesses have chosen Zycoo as an optimal solution.

When choosing Zycoo IP PBX, you will not have to worry about spending too much money in the long term, expensive equipment or maintenance costs. Because all have been optimized and integrated into the same network. This enables direct IP connection with the phone provider and Internet connection so that inter-department calling takes place.

The monthly cost from the ISP no longer charges per minute of calling, you can save a sizable amount of money spent on traditional phone line systems compared to the past.

Expand, increase connection range
You are having a headache because the distance between departments is so far, it takes too much time and effort to wait. Then do not worry, the use of Zycoo IP PBX will thoroughly solve this distance problem for you. Through Zycoo, all employees in the company can use voice, fax, and office data services through the company's intranet.

More broadly, Zycoo's IP PBX allows its customers to reach the globe. Enterprises can connect with offices globally, save resources, expand market share or expand the reach of customers simply, quickly and effectively.

Offers a variety of features
With its modern technology, Zycoo switchboard also owns many features with excellent quality, increases experience and meets more customers' needs. The developed features are diversified and useful, including voicemail email, call recording, attach related documents, sharing data via video conference, virtual meeting, ...

With the above features, businesses will have more opportunities to connect with employees. In addition, they can organize conferences, voice calls in a flexible and fast way, saving staff time. Therefore, team activities become simpler and more effective, individual work also becomes better, making multitasking more optimal than before.

Application of Zycoo switchboard
Zycoo PBX is considered a safe solution with many advantages for businesses. It is integrated with many modern services, suitable to the needs of customers and saves resources, so it is very popular with businesses.

To be able to install Zycoo switchboard, you can visit the website https://gtctelecom.vn/gioi-thieu to get specific advice, details about the application and product information. GTC TELECOM is considered a prestigious and quality address, so you can be completely assured when using the service here.

Some of the commitments that GTC TELECOM commits to its customers:

Zycoo IP PBX service quality, genuine 100%

Employees are experienced, highly qualified and have a practice certificate licensed under the regulations

Competitive price in the market helps you save on installation and investment costs

Good after-sales service: Warranty up to 3 years

Enthusiastic consultant, answering customers' questions in detail

We hope that information about Zycoo IP PBX in general and GTC TELECOM product installation address in particular will help you have an objective view of this product. From there, you can easily decide and choose a virtual switchboard solution that suits the needs of your business.