Zycoo SQ10-BF IP Announcement Speaker

Zycoo SQ10-BF IP Announcer Speaker (PoE Support) - Good Sound, Genuine

Zycoo SQ10-BF centralized public IP audio system, intercom, audio conference, phone call... safe and effective. Zycoo SQ10-BF IP Loudspeaker Unified IP Audio Solution to Power Enterprise Business
- Built-in microphone and 10W . audio support
- Support POE source, Standard SIP
- Built-in camera
- Built-in indicator light
- Available clock display
- HD audio standard
- Indoor installation.
- Broadcast range 30m2

Mã Product: SQ10-BF

Bảo hành: 24 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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The Zycoo SQ10-BF loudspeaker has a built-in microphone so that a full two-way intercom can be realized, which can be used for a secure intercom.
Why is Zycoo SQ10-BF the ideal IP audio solution for organizations and businesses?
Zycoo SQ10-BF IP audio communication system based on SIP technology provides solutions for intercom, public audio, IP telephony with IP audio communication features. Zycoo SQ10-BF IP Loudspeaker uses for IP audio endpoint registration, SIP paging, intercom calls, IP telephony calls, etc., while streaming media is used for broadcasting background music, scheduled broadcast, emergency alarm broadcast, auto broadcast, etc.
- Standard SIP support
- Built-in Microphone and Camera
- Support POE
- Support Auto Provisioning
- Support configuration interface on Web
- Built-in clock display
- LED lights show time
Speakers Zycoo SQ10-BF high quality indoor sound solution ideal for use in Schools, Healthcare, Office Buildings, Hotel lobbies, Airports, pharmacies, Banks Restaurants, Residential Areas, Restaurants, Hospitals, Buildings…. The Zycoo SQ10-BF is a secure, efficient online IP audio communications device designed to operate on standard IP networks.
Zycoo SQ10-BF provides the best audio solution with comfortable, high-quality speakers for customers' superior hearing experience.