Zycoo T100-A4 IP PBX

Zycoo T100-A4 IP PBX

Zycoo T100-A4 IP PBX system is designed for small and medium businesses. Zycoo T100-A4 IP PBX uses powerful IP (VoIP) technology that can expand features.
- Supports 100 extensions
- Built-in 4FXO
- Supports 50 simultaneous calls
- Multi-Level IVR Supports Voicemail
- Integrated call recording function
- Connect Siptrunk, 1800xx, 1900xx Unlimited
- RAM: 512MB Memory: 8GB SD card
- Lan/Wan: 2 10/100/1000Mbps ports
- Built-in free billing software
- Cannot expand the module

Mã Product: T100-A4

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

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Zycoo T100-A4 is a compact and complete IP PBX with all the typical features of the most advanced VOIP systems. Zycoo T100-A4 IP PBX is an IP PBX system dedicated to micro, small and medium-sized companies.
How is the Zycoo CooVox-T100-A4 rated?
Zycoo T100-A4 IP PBX supports mixed network connection of analog phones and VoIP phones with EX16S expansion box
- Expanded support for 100 extensions
- 50 simultaneous calls
= Support 30 conference attendees
- Built-in 400 hours recording function (Internal memory)
- Unlimited SIP/IMS, 1900xxx, 1800xxx connections
- Unlimited IVR voicemail support
Zycoo T100-A4 IP PBX is very suitable for small businesses with up to 100 people and meets all needs of an office phone system. When used with the EX16S expansion box, the Zycoo T100-A4 supports mixed network connections of analog and VoIP phones. External lines can be selected from analog lines or VoIP lines. Equipped with brand new 4.0 software system, Zycoo T100-A4 can provide users with more convenience in application and management. In addition, Zycoo T100-A4 IP PBX improves the communication efficiency of businesses and helps increase business value.
Zycoo T100-A4 IP PBX provides users with more effective and faster management and application methods, helping to improve deployment efficiency and better business communication, while also helping to increase business value. Karma.
Provide an endpoint
- Zycoo T100-A4 quickly and simply deploys endpoints with Plug-and-Play auto-provisioning. User can scan QR code to complete registration on CooCall . software
Authorized service
- Zycoo CooVox-T100-A4 does not require fixed public IP, third-party DDNS service and VPN router. Zycoo T100-A4 is remotely expandable, and integrating an IP phone system with a remote branch has never been easier than CooVox-T100-A4!
Compatible with 3rd parties
- In addition to integrated phone system functions, CooVox T100-A4 is also compatible with third-party SIP systems, including standard SIP endpoints, CRM systems and collaboration tools to expand functionality existing IP voice communication capabilities.
Remote management system
- The control center can manage each authorized switchboard uniformly through the remote management system, perform remote shutdown of devices, view real-time data, and troubleshoot collaboratively by user.
CooCall software
- Softphone CooCall gives users a new office phone system experience when using CooVox IPPBX v4 for Zycoo T100-A4 IP switchboard. CooCall is like a desk phone that can take your office anywhere. Users can answer calls, dial calls, and even dial international calls through the office's IPPBX.
Provides expansion box
- EX16S expansion box can help users deploy analog phones and fax machines on a large scale in a short time. Both local and remote deployment are equally simple and fast
- The operator panel is a comprehensive software specially designed for the CooVox T100-A4 of IP PBX. By using the Control Panel, users can achieve features such as live paging, emergency paging, high-quality background music, scheduled paging, scheduled music, etc.
Outstanding features of Zycoo CooVox T100-A4 IP IP PBX
- Operating panel, easy for customers to use daily.
- Multicast support for paging and music playback.
- Sip proxy+softphone Coocall, easy for customers to use every day.
- Remote management and access, distributors/agents easily maintain the entire solution.
- Customer logo, customers easily use OEM / ODM according to their requirements.