Zycoo T200 IP PBX

Zycoo T200 IP PBX

Improve your communication efficiency with customers with the Zycoo T200 VoIP call center
- Supports 200 extensions
- Supports 80 simultaneous calls
- Multi-Level IVR Supports Voicemail
- Integrated call recording function for 15,000 hours
- Connect Siptrunk, 1800xx, 1900xx Unlimited
- Compatible with 4FXS/4FXO/2FXOS/2GSM/4GSM/2WCDMA/4WCDMA modules
- Attach and expand up to 2 modules
- RAM: 1GB Memory: 8GB SD card + 1TB surveillance hard drive
- Lan/Wan: 2 10/100/1000Mbps ports
- Built-in free billing software Zycoo T200 IP PBX

Mã Product: T200

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

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Zycoo CooVox-T200 is an easy-to-configure and sophisticated mid-sized IP PBX system designed specifically for small and medium businesses. The T200 IP switchboard is very suitable for businesses with about 200 people and meets all needs of the business's office phone system.
What's in Zycoo T200 Ip PBX?
- Maximum support 8FXS, 8FXO, 8GSM
- Supports 200 extensions, 80 simultaneous calls
- Multi-Level IVR Supports Voicemail
- Record calls up to 15,000 hours with internal memory
- Connect Siptrunk/IMS, 1800xx, 1900xx Unlimited
- Deployment of 12 EX16S
Zycoo T200 IP PBX can support GSM modules, WCDMA modules, analog trunks, SIP lines or other VoIP system integration. When used with the EX16S Extension Box, the Zycoo T200 IP PBX supports mixed analog and IP phone network connections.
Equipped with a completely new 4.0 software system, the Zycoo CooVox-T200 IP PBX can bring users more convenience in application and management. In addition, it improves business communication efficiency and helps increase business value
With two expansion card slots, this hub provides capacity for up to 200 internal VoIP phones and 80 concurrent calls, thus meeting the needs of even the most demanding businesses. Zycoo T200 IP PBX has pre-call answering functions, automatic answering machine, conversation recording, unlimited SIP lines and call history recording, for comprehensive and effective management of communications. via your phone.