OneKing HD920-U30-P5 Conference Camera

OneKing HD920-U30-P5 Conference Camera

OneKing HD920-U30-P5 video conferencing camera with large resolution displays clear zoom in / out even in the conference corner. OneKing HD920-U30-P5 Camera offers vivid video quality, making it easy to set up a live conference in any room.
- Full HD (1920×1080 30fps)
- Zoom in 20x Optical
- 59 HOV viewing angle
- 5m . long USB 2.0 cable
- Remote control
- Ceiling or wall mounting*

Mã Product: HD920-U30-P5

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OneKing HD920-U30-P5 camera with high resolution enhances video conferencing, distance learning, training meeting... with smooth and natural video images. OneKing HD920-U30-P5 conference camera with super video output speed can work in any operating system
What is the configuration of OneKing HD920-U30-P5 camera?
OneKing HD90-U30-P5 video conferencing camera installs easily, quickly, has the ability to auto-focus, making the image of everyone in the meeting room, study, conference.. become clear and smooth.
- 1/2.8” Progressive CMOS, 2.1 megapixel
- USB 3.0 high speed transmission
- 20x optical zoom * 12x digital zoom
- Support YUY2 1080p30 and 720p30, 640*480, etc.
- HOV: 58.7°- 3.2°
- VISCA, PELCO-D, UVC1.5 . protocol
OneKing HD920-U30-P5 conference webcam is a camera that provides video conferencing solutions for offices and meeting rooms. HD920-U30-P5 Oneking 20x optical camera, online meeting, online conference, beautifully designed, high resolution, with handy remote control available.
OneKing HD920-U30-P5 camera with clear USB 3.0 output video quality, can synchronously share all images of the meeting. In addition, it is compatible with most Cloud video conferencing software
20x HD optical zoom perfect for the medium office or conference room
- OneKing HD930-U30-P5 can connect to Windows / Android / Linux devices without connecting through other software
- Uncompressed USB3.0 output video and support USB2.0 meanwhile
- Autofocus makes everyone in the meeting room clear and vivid
20x HD optical zoom conference camera Advantages
- 20x optical zoom delivers superb video quality in every corner of the conference room
- 20x optical zoom * 12 digital zoom, 1080p resolution demonstrates the ability to zoom in / out clearly even the corner of the conference room. Vivid video quality can be shared synchronously.
- Plug and play, can be installed easily and quickly with 12v power supply and faster USB 3.0 transmission. You can control the camera by RS232C, RS485, etc.
- Support to easily set up a face-to-face conference meeting in any conference room within minutes