To determine which is right for you, you must first evaluate how to use your wireless headphones. If you work in an office, you'll want to cover as much ground as possible with as little interference as possible, while walking around the office or building without worrying about disconnection. If your job requires you to travel a lot, you'll want a portable headset that can connect to a variety of devices, like cell phones, laptops, and tablets.
But what is DECT and Bluetooth technology?, which is better choice between Bluetooth headset and DECT? Then we'll compare Bluetooth and DECT features in more detail!
What is DECT?
- DECT is a wireless standard used primarily in wireless telephony systems and accessories. DECT is of European origin, which explains the European part of the name and is a common standard in most markets except North America.
- DECT devices connect via base station - phones and headsets are connected to the base station instead of directly to the computer. While this creates an additional layer of hardware, a single base station can power multiple devices. They can be linked in the office, allowing for a much more comprehensive range of uses than Bluetooth.
What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology that allows for rapid data transmission. It has become the standard connectivity option for hundreds of applications. It works with many devices, such as mobile phones, headsets, headsets, computers, and printers.
- Over the years, transmission speed, security and reliability have improved. Among the unique advantages of Bluetooth technology are the ability to connect up to 8 devices at a time and the easiest way to connect and pair devices, sometimes with a password of 4 or more digits. personalized digits.
Four Features Headset Dect is different from Bluetooth Headset
- Limit
-  Security
- Connect
- Battery life
So you choose Bluetooth or DECT?
- This contest has no clear winner - the choice depends on how you want to use the wireless headset. For those who work in a fixed location and use a single desk phone, a DECT headset might be just what you need. DECT is very secure, long-range allows you to move around the office and stay connected, and call quality is often better and more stable. Yealink has launched a portable DECT headset that provides different scenarios and makes the DECT headset more versatile.
- Bluetooth wireless headsets may be a better choice for collaborative groups or those on the go. They can be paired with multiple devices so users can easily switch between computers, tablets and smartphones. In addition, Bluetooth wireless headsets are generally portable and do not require a separate base station. In fact, limited range is rarely an issue as owners traditionally own the device used to make calls.
- There is no "winner" when comparing DECT and Bluetooth headsets. Depending on the situation, one (or both) may be right for you or your company.
What is the best DECT office headset to buy in 2023?
1. Yealink WH6X
- Yealink WH66 & WH67 DECT Wireless Headphones
- Yealink WH62 & WH63 . Wireless Headphones
2. Jabra Engage 75
What are the best Bluetooth headphones to buy in 2023?
1. Yealink BH7X
- Yealink BH7X Bluetooth headset, BH72 Bluetooth headset, BH76 bluetooth headset and BH71 business mono Bluetooth headset, the new standard BH71 headset with ultra-compact design and advanced voice technology.
2. Jabra Evolve2 65
3. Jabra Evolve 75/ Jabra Evolve2 75
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