Headphones Jabra Stealth UC

Headphones Jabra Stealth UC

The Jabra Stealth UC headset is a professional-use bluetooth headset that enhances user productivity and makes work easier. Jabra Stealth UC headphones can play an important role in both your professional and personal life

Mã Product: Stealth-UC

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

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Jabra Stealth UC Headset is Jabra's first line of next generation Bluetooth® headphones, designed to be significantly smaller, lighter, more discreet, and offer better comfort and longer talk time.

Why choose Jabra Stealth UC Bluetooth headset
Jabra Stealth UC Bluetooth Headset, you can make hands-free calls and voice commands to your smartphone. You can easily control Siri and Google Now with your voice without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

- Bluetooth headphone

Wireless range up to 98.4 ft

- NFC for easy pairing

- Stream music, podcasts or GPS directions

- Talk time up to 6 hours

- Stay connected with nano size Bluetooth dongle

- HD sound with noise reduction

Dedicated voice control button

The Jabra Stealth UC wireless headphones are available in black and silver, with red accentuating through its ear cushions. It is definitely one of the prettiest Bluetooth headsets.

Features of Jabra Stealth UC headsets
Jabra Stealth UC headphones allow you to stay in the focus zone for longer. With a compatible dongle with unified communication, the Jabra Stealth UC Callcenter Headset ensures you can switch from a conference call at your desk to a call on your soft or mobile phone in just one step. Smooth without changing headphones.

Smart volume control

- Automatically adjust call volume with Jabra Stealth UC smart volume control, now you don't need to touch volume control. The sound level automatically adapts to noisy noise around you, allowing you to hear what's being said anywhere.

Turn off the noise

Jabra Stealth UC eliminates background noise Jabra's noise-canceling technology removes background noise such as wind, surrounding chats or traffic to enhance your voice. So now you can speak comfortably without getting too loud.

Voice control

- Be notified and controlled with your voice Jabra Stealth UC voice control including voice command functions and voice guidance. With Voice Commands, you can answer / reject calls, play music, redial, and more. Your own words control your device. Voice guidance verbally informs you of important status updates, such as low battery and connectivity.

Lunch mode

Automatically goes into nap mode with the Jabra Stealth UC, so you can now leave your headphones in your car or on your desk for days and still be ready to use when you're on the go Your device will automatically go to sleep when inactive. A great power management feature that gives you more talk time, less charging.

Streaming HiFi audio

Stream music, podcasts and GPS directions Jabra Stealth UC Bluetooth devices with A2DP allow you to stream music, podcasts and even GPS directions in HiFi quality to give you an enhanced audio experience.

Call support

Jabra Stealth UC Call Center Headset allows you to make calls without clicks Jabra's smart call support lets you make calls without clicking. Built-in Motion Sensor technology will turn on the headset when you pick up or touch it and automatically answer calls when you place the headset on your ear. If you are wearing a headset, you can accept or decline calls with just your voice.

HD Voice - Broadband audio

- HD quality audio for clear conversations, enjoy high definition audio with HD Voice and communicate clearly, easy to understand. You'll get vibrant, life-like conversations where you can focus on the content and not struggle to understand what the other person is saying.

Ready for smartphones & tablets

- Ready for use with the latest smartphones / tablets Your Jabra device is designed with future-ready technology for full compatibility with the latest smartphones and tablets on the market. school.

Multi-device connection

Manage all your calls from a single headset Multi-device connectivity technology allows you to manage calls from a number of different devices like desk phones, tablets, PCs and phones smart phone with only one headset. You get more flexibility and an enhanced user experience.