NEC IP Phone DT930 24-button

NEC DT930 24-button IP Phone (24 Programmable Keys) - Good Price!

This premium 24-button NEC DT930 IP phone helps managers, knowledge workers, and sales reps collaborate. The NEC DT930 24-button delivers outstanding conversational quality with its ultra-wideband, alphanumeric keypad and large color display.
- 4.3" full color LCD screen
- 24 keys (32 with 8LK key extender)
- Backlit LCD display and keyboard
- Hands-free, full duplex
- Headphone support, optional EHS support
- Soft key/LCD prompt
- Navigation cursor & Folder dial key
- Wideband audio

Mã Product: DT930 24-button

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The NEC DT930 24-button phone enhances the IP communication experience in multi-device environments. The NEC DT930 24-button improves the overall energy efficiency of IP telephony deployments by saving power in standby and talk mode.
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The NEC DT930 24-button handset improves the overall energy efficiency of IP telephony deployments by saving energy in standby and talk mode.
- 4.3" full-color LCD display and backlit keyboard
- 24 keys (32 with 8LK key extender)
- Standard button layout
- Multi-color MWI
- Hands-free, full duplex
- Adjustable stand - 5 steps
- Headphone support (RJ9) and optional EHS
- Soft key/LCD prompt
- Built-in navigation basket and Folder dial key
- Supports 10/100/1G . Ethernet network
- Wideband audio support
- VoIP Encryption
- Can be pasted on the wall
NEC DT930 24-button slim phone with high quality enhances comfort while talking. The NEC DT900 24-button desktop IP phone is easily customized to suit end-user and business requirements.
With the innovative NEC DT930 24-button desktop phone, you can increase functionality through app support and personalize each phone. The NEC DT930 24-button phone allows you to choose from a wide variety that best suits your needs. Whether all communication in your business is pure IP or any combination of IP and digital systems.
Outstanding features of the IP phone NEC DT930 34-button
- Screen: 4.3 inch, 480x272 pixel resolution, backlit LCD color screen
- Call form: Support up to 24 lines
- Fixed feature buttons: Speaker, Switch, Hold, Redial, Feature, Answer, Mic, Menu, Exit
- Navigation key: Support option key and four-way navigation key
- Programmable Line/Feature keys: 24 programmable keys that support lines (such as contact numbers) or calling features (such as speed dialing).
- Soft keys: Built-in 4 soft keys to interact and guide the user through features and call functions
- Button module expansion: Supports 8-line key module or 60-line DSS console
- Speakerphone: Hands-free, full-duplex and high quality 2-way support
- Audio: Supports G.722 full-duplex Audio (HD Voice)
- Wall-mountable: The built-in desk stand can also serve as a wall-mounting option
- Ethernet connection: Supports 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet line interface port (PC pass-through & Network connection)
- Bluetooth: Not available
- Headphone port: Support headphone jack RJ9
- Message waiting indicator: Yes
- Adjustable screen (Tilt)
- Support network port by assigning static IP address or DHCP
The NEC DT930 24-button is a powerful and cost-effective IP solution that will maximize productivity in both small and large office environments, as well as hotel environments.