Yealink MVC900 Ms Teams Rooms

Yealink MVC900 Ms Teams Rooms

Yealink MVC900 is a native and easy to use video conferencing solution specifically designed for Microsoft Team rooms. Yealink MVC900 Ms Teams Rooms supports adjusting camera layout to meet the requirements of extremely large meeting rooms.
- 2 x Yealink UVC80 PTZ cameras with 12x optical zoom
- UVC90 multi-camera center
- 4x Yealink VCM34: 360° microphone for HD voice capture
- camera-hub supports up to 9 cameras
- MTouch Control Panel
- Mini-PC MCore

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Yealink MVC900 is a video conferencing system for Microsoft Teams, the all-new MVC900 is designed to revolutionize the high-quality video conferencing experience.
Are you looking for high quality video conferencing equipment? Yealink MVC900 Microsoft Teams Rooms meets your needs.
The Yealink MVC900 Conference Suite integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Team Rooms and Yealink's industry-leading video and audio solutions, Yealink MVC900 is known to cover all use cases and give you a great meeting experience in the conference room.
- Set of professional video conferencing equipment in a large room
- 2x Yealink UVC80: 200° pan, 60° tilt, 12x optical zoom
- Detailed video up to 1080p
- 4x Yealink VCM34: 360° microphone for HD voice capture
- Yealink MTouch: 8" touch tablet for Group conferencing management
- Yealink MSpeaker: 40W soundbar for clear sound
- Yealink MShare connects devices neatly
- camera-hub supports up to 9 cameras
- Mini-PC: Pre-installed Teams app, Intel Core i5 . CPU
Yealink's MVC900 conference unit features four microphones with 360° pickup range, one camera hub, and two powerful pan-tilt zoom cameras with 12x optical zoom, to cover an extra-large conference room.
The Yealink MVC900 conference device enhances the overall meeting experience with a familiar Microsoft Team Room interface and near-zero learning curve, so you can simply join the meeting room and start your meeting. friends with a single tap or enter a few names and make an unscheduled call.
The Yealink MVC900 conference unit is a multi-camera solution that produces the best video quality even in very large rooms. The system also features a direct connection to Microsoft Teams.

Features and utilities of Yealink MVC900 conference device Microsoft Teams Room
- One brand for all your team meeting needs
   The MVC900 series is a bundled video solution for Microsoft Teams that includes everything you need to seamlessly and intelligently interact, connect, and collaborate with users inside and outside the meeting room.
- Implementing MVC900 for Extra Large Rooms (≥18 people)
    + Yealink UVC80, 12x optical zoom camera, capture the furthest parts of the meeting room. The VCM34 microphone rotates 360° with 20 feet (6 m) HD voice pickup, ensuring everyone involved can hear it clearly. The Mini-PC Junction Box can be desk-mounted, wall-mounted, on a stand, or placed on a TV trolley for a clear, clutter-free meeting table. Yealink MVC900 is the perfect meeting solution that optimizes the video quality experience and gives users the option to deploy the meeting room in a flexible, fast, friendly way.
- Works well in rooms larger than 18 people UVC80
    + 12x Optical PTZ Camera: The UVC80 camera is capable of 12x optical zoom and long depth of field, participants sitting far away from the camera can be seen clearly without any loss of quality. In even larger meeting rooms, from the Mtouch Control Panel, you can freely switch the camera to another without performing PTZ control, enhancing the meeting experience.
- Voice pickup (within 20 minutes) at any angle
    VCM34 · 20ft (6m) Voice Receiving: The Yealink VCM34 microphone array features a microphone unit with a voice pickup range of 20 feet (6 meters) equipped with Yealink Noise Cancellation Technology, ensuring everyone in the room can hear.
- Easy setup, no hassle with cables!
   + Yealink MCore mici-PC is easily connected via a single CAT5 cable to the Mtouch control panel, to connect TV screens to the conference table.
- Flexible and simple
    This kit connects to a dedicated dedicated touch panel separate from the mini PC, not only making deployment more flexible, but also giving you a seamless conference experience with a compact conference table Neat and smart.
- Simple management through Yealink device management platform
    + Yealink supports Yealink device management platform, Cloud service, storage, meeting room management, monitoring, recording, remote configuration, update and diagnosis, flexibly connecting all devices Yealink's audio, voice and video peripherals on the platform remotely.
The Yealink MVC900 conferencing suite enhances the entire meeting experience with the stunning Microsoft Teams Rooms interface. Yealink MVC900 gives users a great audio experience with Yealink noise cancellation technology and wide pickup range.